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"we have roots in Barry farm" 
a zine
Project: "We Have Roots in Barry Farm" Zine

Organization(s)/Date: The Sanctuaries, Empower DC / February 2018-May 2018

Project Description: Barry Farm is a 432-unit public housing complex located in Ward 8 in Southeast DC. The property has been slated for redevelopment by the city, a project in conjunction with private developers, which will convert Barry Farm into a mixed-income, mixed-use development and displace its current residents. Residents are fighting to keep their homes as the city attempts to move forward with its redevelopment plans. Some residents are forced to leave their homes because the homes themselves have become unlivable and the city refuses to repair them. Many residents are also given fake promises of the ability to return to the property once the rebuilding is complete but there is no definitive timeline for completion. Rules are also being created that could potentially keep current residents from returning. My 2018 Sanctuaries cohort worked alongside Empower DC and the residents of Barry Farm to construct a zine that would both inform and inspire people to take action. This zine gives a brief overview of the history or Barry Farm, insight from residents and actions you can take to help.
The zine is one part of a three piece art activism collaboration between myself and four other art fellows, Empower DC, The Sanctuaries and residents of Barry Farm. To obtain more information and updates on the housing fight at Barry Farm follow @EmpowerDC on Twitter. 

Barry Farm Zine Release
May 10, 2018

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