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Andrew wheeler Hearing Posters
Project: Andrew Wheeler Hearing Posters

Client/Date: Friends of the Earth / August 2018 and January 2019

Project Description: After former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned in July 2018, I recreated the red and blue hearing signs and used them for the hearing of acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler. Wheeler has very similar environmentally damaging beliefs and allegiances as his predecessor which is why the signs read, "Pruitt's Puppet". While we didn't expect to make as big of a splash during Wheeler's first hearing, we couldn't remain silent and we didn't want him to have it easy.
In January 2019--and in the middle of the longest government furlough--a hearing was held for Wheeler to become the official head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Friends of the Earth opposes Wheeler's denial of climate change and the fact that he was essentially getting a promotion while the workers at his agency were furloughed. I created a sign with Wheeler's face on it that read "Shut down Wheeler! Not the EPA". The posters were picked up by a few media outlets including The Hill, CSPAN, EcoWatch, The Guardian.