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Photo from our My Body, My Health: Sex Positivity photoshoot from 2023.

Project: My Body, My Health

Roles: Brand development, art direction,
and design.

Human Rights Campaign, 2021 - Present

My Body, My Health is a coast to coast initiative that’s part of the Human Rights Campaign’s HIV and Health Equity program. My Body, My Health aims to break through barriers and systemic injustice affecting the sexual health of our Black and Latiné communities with the goal of building a generation free of HIV & stigma. When I joined the Human Rights Campaign in 2021, HRC had just received the grant for this work from Gilead Sciences and needed to come up with a visual identity to accompany it.

I came up with the branding for this campaign. It took 5 months and required approval from internal stakeholders at the Human Rights Campaign as well as a group of prominent community organizers, but that would need a separate dedicated page. For the time being, I'm sharing some of the more recent work I'm most proud of. My Body, My Health operates through a grant from Gilead Sciences. We spent year 1 of the grant establishing the brand and getting content out into local communities, but year 2 of the grant is aimed at sex positivity. Unsurprisingly, this was some of the most fun content to create and really pushed the boundaries for the type of content HRC has historically put out as an organization.

I've designed posters, digital ads for Grindr, Instagram image carousels, gifs, palm cards, and digital ads, to name a few. Below are some design highlights from 2023. 


MBMG Portfolio Work.png
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