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 Defund Deforestation 

Activists outside BlackRock headquarters in San Francisco, California. They were protesting the investment firm's hand in global deforestation. To explain the hippo masks, hippos are a species that is directly affected by the deforestation in Liberia, caused by many palm oil companies BlackRock is invested in. 2019

Client Name: Friends of the Earth & BlackRock's Big Problem, 2019

Project Name: "BlackRock's Big Climate Problem"

I branded and designed a series of print material for Friends of the Earth and environmental coalition, BlackRock's Big Problem. The goal of the mini campaign was the educate the public about BlackRock's direct ties to deforestation and climate destruction and to put pressure on BlackRock to pull its shares from climate damaging companies.


I designed posters, t-shirts, and banners, but my biggest accomplishment was turning the original one pager (seen below) into brochure. The whole design got a facelift and much needed upgrade, but still adhered to the original branding guidelines.


Hill Pager to Brochure.png

Left: The original one pager breaking down BlackRock's ties to climate change. Right: The same one pager reworked and updated as a brochure. 

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