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 The Oil Tanker Pile Up 

Client Name: Friends of the Earth, 2020

Project Name: The Oil Tanker Pile Up

"The Oil Tanker Pile Up" is a short video I produced for Friends of the Earth explaining why it was probably a bad idea to have oil tankers filled with millions of gallons of crude idling in our oceans. The video highlighted our unhealthy reliance on fossil fuels and the unfortunate consequences to these large vessels floating in the ocean with nowhere to offload. 

I worked closely with the Oceans and Vessels program director to make sure I understood the issue and was given a lot of creative freedom. I developed the script and visual concept, followed by a rough storyboard, then a more detailed frame-by-frame that laid out the visual elements of each animated scene.


I grew up watching Monty Python and always loved the animated bumpers before each sketch, so you'll see that I use a mix of black and white images accompanied by bright colors in a lot of my work. For this video I worked primarily with a vibrant pink, blue, and yellow. I typically animate in After Effects, but this was the first time I used Procreate to animate as well. I like that Procreate animations have a classic stop-motion quality. My preferred video style isn't one that is crystal clear with smooth vector animations. Sometimes I go out of my way to add in a bit of grunge aesthetic  or a small stop-motion animated piece. This video took about 2 months from start to finish.

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