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Client Name: Friends of the Earth, 2019 

Project Name: Friends of the Earth 50th Anniversary

I developed branding for Friends of the Earth's 50th anniversary fundraiser at The Newseum. This included creating a logo, designing invitations, creating digital art for event billboards and the donation site, branding the event's slide deck, creating art for the branded podium, printing a backdrop for a photo booth, pricing out various photo booth vendors in the DMV area, designing a digital photo frame for pictures, hiring an event photographer, and commissioning a motion graphics artist to bring some of our 2D images to life using a parallax effect


The 50th branding pulled some elements from FOE's regular branding, including the green color and green donut shape. The fundraiser event was much classier than our day-to-day grassroots work so when developing the FOE 50 logo, I added in the Abril font family to make it a pinch fancier.


After reviewing hundreds of old photographs, I was reminded of how much of a rich history the organization had. I created a digital collage of the best photographs and used that as a background for much of the 50th branding material. I kept the background black and white to remind us of the past and so the green logo color would pop out in front of it.

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