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Clients: Friends of the Earth, Public Citizen, Bailout Watch 

Project: "Big Oil's $100 Billion Bender" Report

September 2020

I designed this report for a coalition of environmental groups who wanted to call out the Trump administration for spending billions taxpayer dollars on bailing out fossil fuel companies, but very little in terms of financial assistance to the American people.

Because this was a coalition effort, I didn't have to adhere to any individual organizations' style guide, so I created a color scheme and style based on a combination of all three of the organizations. I used Friends of the Earth's green, Bailout Watch's light blue, and Public Citizen's dark blue. The report refers to a lot of data. I didn't want it to become too cumbersome, so on page 10 I nixed a table that was in the text and reworked it to be an illustrated background instead. The report was completed in three days with two rounds of edits. 


The full report can be viewed here.  

Data reimagined_No background.png

Left: Example of original report text and date  Right: Same report text and data reimagined

Visual snapshot of the full report. Click here to view high res version. 

Snapshot of Report3.png
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