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"Zinke on the Street"
A "Billy on the Street" video parody
Project: "Zinke on the Street" Parody 

Client/Date: Friends of the Earth / November 2018

Project Description: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke racked up 17 federal investigations since taking office in March 2017. A few of these include spending $139,000 in taxpayer funds for office doors, official government trips that included his wife, and a real estate and microbrewery deal with an oil services executive. In October 2018, after coming under scrutiny on multiple fronts, Zinke's own agency watchdog referred him to the Justice Department. After several sign-on petitions, think pieces, social media graphics and postering, I wondered what else one could possible do to illustrate the blatantly corrupt nature of Ryan Zinke. I'm a big fan of Billy Eichner's show "Billy on the Street" where he runs around and asks random questions to people on the street in New York City. I decided to do the same thing, except with Zinke. We already had a cardboard Zinke head crafted by local artist Cesar Maxit and a few colleagues who were eager to help. 

I shot most of the video within a two block radius of the Interior Department. A lot of people in DC are already in tune with current events but in addition to that Zinke's scandals had been swirling around the news more than usual so people seemed to understand who he was. This was one of my favorite projects. I shot and edited the video and composed a quick jingle for the beginning (shout out to the talented Jade Jones for coming through on vocals last minute!). This was so much fun to shoot and was pulled together in just a few days. 

On December 15, 2018 Ryan Zinke resigned as head of the Interior Department. 
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