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Project: Trans Lives and Positive Visibility Report

Roles: Art direction and design

Human Rights Campaign, March 2022

CIVIS Report Graphic Cover.png

I designed the Human Rights Campaign’s Trans Lives and Positive Visibility Report. The report discusses how the news and media can positively cover trans and non-binary stories. The bulk of the report is based on a survey about people’s perception of trans and non-binary individuals in the media they consume. The goal was to make a data-heavy report visually appealing.

When looking for inspiration, I was influenced by collage-styles I had been seeing in editorial pieces and blogs. Each one would typically have the main image in black and white and stylize the rest of the elements around it. I liked this because I wanted to use pink, blue and white trans flag colors in each design and having the main image be in black and white ensured that the trans colors wouldn’t get lost. I also wanted these colors to be the thing that tied each individual design together.

I used Photoshop to cut out all the collage pieces and brought everything into Illustrator to lay out and then export as vector images.

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